Research purchases at your convenience.

Researching what you want to buy and getting tips from friends, family and assistants is now quick, convenient and private. Say goodbye to fragmented content across apps, networks and bookmarked web pages. Now you can enjoy one place to get advice and information from trusted sources, save items and content, and figure out the best deal for your budget anytime.


Tips, meals, product reviews, how-to videos and more are always a tap away.

Tribes connects you with your favorite style makers, recipe cooks, product reviewers and other trusted sources with helpful information. Now you no longer need to browse from board to board, blog to blog or app to app to find ideas and inspiration, and start planning your purchases. Get exclusive videos, reviews, products, tips and more from your own community of family, friends and favorite online media personalities.

No ads, cameras, Bluetooth or digital tracking. It's time to declare your digital independence.

Finally, a whole new way to help you find what you want without all those interruptive ads and tracking. Pixsi learns your lifestyle to make an experience based on your choices, not the websites you visit, your personal messages, current card balances, or past purchase information. Even better, Pixsi brings your peers and other trusted sources together to help you make wise purchase decisions without tracking your clicks, taps, messages, gestures or in-store activity.

Private and secure.

Your privacy and security is the utmost importance to us. We believe the best digital security is to not require or collect sensitive personal information in the first place. We don't build profiles based on your personal content and online interactions to sell to advertisers or big data companies, such as messages and how long you watch videos. Our only intention is to help you make wise purchase decisions based on your lifestyle.

Plan and message together.

Plans make your purchase planning convenient and personal. From what's for dinner tonight to a new outfit, you can save and organize content to make informed purchase decisions, learn know how to use products, privately message friends, family and assistants for ideas and recommendations and more. You can make a Plan anytime and save content from messages, social networks, websites and in stores.

All your research content in one place: items, videos, research articles, coupons, deals and more are organized and easy to reference across all your devices.

Preview to spend less time managing and more time doing.

Preview shows you all the new activities on your Plans and lets you act on them - without having to open them. For example, you can reply to a new message instantly, view shared content while on the go, or save a suggestion to a Plan quickly.

Pixsi strives to help you make smart and simple buying decisions.

The more you use Pixsi, the more personal your purchase planning experience becomes, with better items and content choices relevant to your tastes, style and more. Share videos, get deals and have reviews delivered to you and save them towards your purchase decisions.

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